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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello to a New Journal, Farewell to a Friend

The Journal of Chess Research is a new scholarly or academic journal that will feature scientific articles and studies centered around chess. In some ways, this project is a more formalized and serious version of this blog itself (with a much more impressive board of editors and potential authors). The journal itself was featured in another chess publication, Chess Life (official magazine of the USCF) in a recent issue. You can also read more about this project at their website or at Susan Polgar’s excellent blog

            Speaking of excellent blogs, one of my favorite chess authors and friend, Michael Goeller, is hanging up his hat with regards to the Kenilworthian. You can read about his decision to do so, and a reflection on his amazing blogging journey, at his final post, The End of Chess Blogging. His articles were always interesting, well written, well researched, and very enjoyable to read. For at least one reader (myself), his writing will be sorely missed.

            I may be reaching my own end of chess blogging; work commitments to both teaching and research continue to prevent me from making consistent posts. I will be sacrificing time that could be used for Science on the Squares in order to revive my other blog, Just Me and Eubacteria, which is more in-line with my professional interests. Towards this end, I have removed some of the content from this blog, scrubbing out broken links and images where I can. I may occasionally post a game or analysis here or there, but regretfully these posts will be few and far in-between.  

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