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Friday, March 13, 2015

As featured on ChessBase

It was very exciting to see this morning that the editors at ChessBase have published the article I wrote that describes the chess tools I have recently posted about. For those who haven't seen it, I encourage you to give it a look.

Some of you may be viewing this blog for the first time due to the ChessBase article. To all of you, I say welcome! Although my updates to this blog are not that frequent (once a week at best), if you found the article interesting you should subscribe or keep your eye on this space. Here is some of what you can come to expect in the near future from Science on the Squares:
  • The excel file 'tool' I use for normalizing the data I collect and finding the differential between two data sets, available for download along with instructions
  • More information on how I created the heatmaps, and why I used particular settings
  • A post concerning what I think the proper use of these tools are. This will expand upon my thoughts from a previous post, in which I argued for a scientific approach to chess.
  • Responses to the comments by readers of the ChessBase article.
  • More data and analysis of players and openings! In addition to the Sveshnikov Sicilian, I have already looked at the Winawer French, the Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation and Breyer Variation, and the Smith Morra Gambit.
Thanks again to all my readers, and a special thanks to the editors at ChessBase!

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